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We're in favor of long commutes.

As long as people are standing around, they may as well be looking at your ad, right? Major urban centers with subway and commuter rail systems offer a large captive audience. Take advantage of it with platform posters-large, high-visibility messages.

Depending upon the market, these posters can be glued to fixed displays, much like a mini billboard. They entertain commuters 24/7, never take a bathroom break and don't expect tips. Now that's a bargain.

For exact technical specifications for these posters, be sure to visit Specifications & Templates section of this website.

Product Size (HxW) Stock
1-Sheet 46" x 30" 82# Coated wet-strength
2-Sheet 46" x 60" 82# Coated wet-strength
3-Sheet 84" x 42" 82# Coated wet-strength
Urban Panel 30" x 60" 82# Coated wet-strength
Backlit 2-Sheet 46" x 60" 15 Pt. Styrene
Backlit Urban 30" x 60" 15 Pt. Styrene
Download a Spec Sheet & Template to assist your team.

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